Harbingers of a bold, new tomorrow…

It’s been another hectic few weeks (issues at work, a public lecture, trying to get an article edited and just life generally), and I’ve been unable to finish any of the three posts I’ve been working on in fits and starts.  But just when I thought I might not have time to post again this week, my friend Matt Zurcher came to the rescue.  A couple of months ago the two of us recorded two of our conversations about recent films in podcasts we’re calling “What Price Podcasts.”  Because the editing took awhile (we’ve both been pretty busy), they’re a little less topical than we might have hoped, but I offer them here for your listening pleasure, with two minor notes.  First, I believe I mention Scott Sandage in one of these.  Just to clarify, Scott is a professor at Carnegie Mellon who teaches a class on Abraham Lincoln.  Secondly, while both of these must obviously be spectacular, I hear that the second is the MORE spectacular of the two if you’re only going to try one.  By the way, in the next couple of weeks you may have to brace yourselves for yet another media milestone since I believe the video recording of the lecture I gave on sound in film will be posted as well (and a link will certainly be forthcoming).  Regardless, here are the two podcasts, and feel free to let me know what you think:

What Price Podcast: Episode 1

What Price Podcast: Episode 2


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