WhatPriceGlory is written by Jeff Hinkelman who has a PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University, runs the Hunt Library Video Collection at CMU, and has watched way more movies than he should probably admit.  Among my other credentials are:


Film in the Digital Age (Spring 2014)

Introduction to Film Studies (7 semesters, 2005 – 2009, 2011-2012)

Introduction to Film Studies (Summer Session in Qatar, 2011)

Science and Science Fiction (Spring 2011)

East Asian Cinema (Fall 2008)

Advanced Studies in Film and Media (Spring 2007)

Interpretation and Argument (Fall 2004)



Humanism, Race and the American Vernacular, Spring 2008 (half semester)



The Japanese New Wave, Fall 2012

Nagisa Oshima and the Japanese New Wave, Fall 2010

Sound in Film, Fall 2008

Early Film Sound, Spring 2008



“Adapting to Women: Hawks, Comedy and Gender” to be published by the British Film Institute as part of a volume of essays on Howard Hawks (forthcoming)

WatSon Lecture, “What Is the Sound of a Pig Dancing?” Spring 2013

Conference Presentation – Battlegrounds: Sites and Sights of Conflict, Oct 2011, “Laughter and the Great War: Comedians, Cartoonists and Memory, 1918–1934″

National Film Preservation Foundation Grant, August 2011, Cinchona Mission in Lima, Peru (1943–45) $8000 for preservation and digitization

University Libraries Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellence in Forwarding the Instructional and Research Mission of the Library, 2002



H&SS Film Festival Committee, Spring 2007

H&SS Film Festival Liaison, S2001-F2006

Editorial Board, Special Theme Issue of Disability Studies Quarterly, v. 25 n. 3 (Summer 2005)

Panel Chair, Cultural Studies Association, Sunday, June 8, 2003. Cinema and American Modernity

Student Film Festival Judge, 2003-2011

Projectionist for visiting artists and Festival programs, 2001- present



Crew.  When Tyrants Kiss.  Directed by Mike Scotto.

Producer.  Radio.  Directed by Jimmy Matthew.

Script consultant.  House of Venturi.  Produced by Ryan Dixon.

Crew.  BAQ-132.  Directed by Ryan Dixon.


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